Friday, April 6, 2012

Explain Everything for the iPad

Explain Everything ($2.99) is an app that I saw featured while attending the Apple Learning Tour.  Similar to ShowMe and Educreations, Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard that allows students to record the screen and audio as they work with it.  I think that this is a terrific way to make their thinking visible.  Where Explain Everything differentiates itself from the other products was the number of ways that it allows teachers and students to export their work so that it could be collected by teachers, and shared with others.   You can export your work in the following ways:
  • Movie to Photo RollExplain Everything Logo
  • Movie to YouTube
  • Movie to E-Mail
  • Movie to DropBox
  • Movie to Evernote
  • Project to E-Mail
  • Project to DropBox
  • Project to Evernote
The reason that I think this is important is that it helps teachers manage student work (i.e. save work to a shared Dropbox folder) and helps student manage their digital footprint.  Instead of having multiple single purpose accounts to work with different apps, students are able to use one account with several apps (i.e.  iThoughts, DocsToGo, and DropVox also work with Dropbox).
You can check out their promo video on YouTube.

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